Meet The Team.

Emmanuel Sowah - DJ E-Kins

Owner / Team leader

Emmanuel Sowah - a.k.a DJ E-Kins - is of Ghanaian origin and is currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa. He hails from a family of dancers in Accra, which is what informed his passion for dancing and music from a young age. As one of the pioneers of the Afro-Latin dance community in SA, he started his Afro-Latin dancing career in the year 2000. He has been teaching dance and dejaying since. Renowned for being energetic on the dance floor, dedication to music, dancing, and most importantly to his learners, DJ E-Kins is passionate about contributing to the growth of the Afro-Latin dance community in Africa through Dance Spirit SA, a school he co-founded in 2005, situated in Johannesburg, South Africa. The school offers weekly dance classes to all levels of dancers, ending the evening with a dance social where students and non-students showcase their moves. He has over the years retained his membership as part of the salsa and kizomba Afro-Latin dance community in Ghana. As an extension of his passion for the growth of the Afro-Latin dance community in Africa, DJ E-Kins founded the International Akoma Dance Spirit Festival in Johannesburg, South Africa. An annual dance festival which showcases different dance styles. The electrifying festival brings together the international dance community to celebrate their passion for dance and music. Outside the dance scene, he is an IT entrepreneur and the managing director at Emsolve IT Solutions (Pty) Ltd. Facebook – Emmanuel E-Kins Sowah Instagram – @dje_kins

Heidi Lu


Heidi Lu - is of Taiwanese and Indian descent and is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. She enjoyed dancing from a young age and trained for many years in Modern Dancing and Gymnastics. She began her role as an instructor with Dance Spirit in 2022 an is renowned for her elegance on the dance floor. She incorporates her creativity and teaching methodology from her profession as an Architect and University Lecturer

Danielle Jacobs


Danielle Jacobs - is South African, originally from Cape Town but now based in Johannesburg. She has been dancing since the age of seven, specializing in competitive Latin American and Ballroom dancing. Danielle received National colours and represented South Africa in a world championship in 2007. She began her role as an instructor with Dance Spirit in 2023 and has a special place in her heart for salsa.