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Diaz Martinez – Cuba.

///Diaz Martinez – Cuba

DIAZ MARTINEZ, BORN JANUARY 20TH, 1986 AND OF CUBAN FRENCH ORIGIN. She is an instructor and choreographer of Cuban Dance. She began classical dance training at a young age, as well as modern jazz until the age of twelve.


During adolescence, she became more and more interested in Cuban dance and in the Cuban Afro culture and began to assist instructing workshops with Rogelio and Rey Martinez. In 2003, she began performing on stage with her partner Martinez Adel. They developed a dynamic and unique style which allowed them to become known worldwide.


After attending the famous school cubanadanse in Bets, Diaz Martinez established monthly internships of ladies Cuban styling to help dancers develop their style and self-expression through movement and musicality.


In 2013, she created her first choreography workshop to share her knowledge with other dancers.